@phi  |  concept, ambience and voice to an iconic project.


Through the opportunity of create a brand of lectures and congresses from scratch - under the creative and artistic direction of Castro Pizzano, the Phi Project arises, a series of meetings with great thinkers in the city of Curitiba. His proposal is to provoke reflection, stimulate a curious looking and open new ways to think. Phi is the letter of the Greek alphabet that symbolizes philosophy. In mathematics, it represents the concept of golden proportion - a numerical constant that relates to the nature of growth. Phi is also the number of gold, used as a measurement standard - in constant evolution - in art, architecture and design. As the name of the project, it refers to the purpose of transforming knowledge into new experiences.


Direction: Clarissa Rocha,  Rafael Krebs | Artistic Direction: Castro Pizzano | Press: Marleth Silva, NQM | Digital Dev.: Guilherme Ribas | Idea: Marcelo Almeida | Images: Jonathan Van Thomaz, Lucas Kosinski, Sergio Twadorwski, Felipe Bide | Sound Production: Eduardo Alves, Dem Beats


concept •graphic and digital design • audiovisual